Friday, 2 October 2009

Strangers into Citizens on the Fourth Plinth!

At 6pm last night, Strangers into Citizens was featured on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. Supporter Giuseppe Spadone, from Yorkshire, had an hour on the plinth as part of the ongoing One and Other project, and chose to use it to publicise our call for the regularisation of long-term undocumented migrants.

With music, flags and banners - and the curious questions of lots of passers-by - it was certainly a memorable hour. Thanks to Giuseppe for using his spot to support Strangers into Citizens.


  1. It was my pleasure and honour to attempt to bring some attention to this very worthwhile campaign.
    It was an awesome experience and thanks to all your people who came along to give it more impact.
    People were approaching my wifer Tracey Faith at the bottom of the Plinth and taking away information and asking her questions. So I am sure we did create some level of awareness, which can only be good.
    Its just a pity that my breeches started breaking up half way through the performance!

    This performance along with all the others is to go into the archives of History....lets hope that very soon, thats where the call for the regularisation of long-term undocumented migrants goes...Fully resolved and into the archives of history.

    It cannot go on forever like this.
    It can be resolved.

    Glad I was of some small service.


  2. How great that is, well done and hope this encourages other citizens to recognise the cause.
    Something definitely needs to be done.

  3. I was delighted and honoured to be in a position to participate and offer some level of support to this very important campaign.

    The turnout of your own campaigners certainly helped give impact to the occasion. My wife Tracey Faith who was working the crowd down below as I stood on the Plinth told me many people asked her questions and took details of the campaign.
    Its just a pity that my breeches started splitting half way through my performance!

    This event will go down in the archives of history, I am hoping that very soon that this campaign for the regularisation of long-term undocumented migrants will suffer the same fate; becoming fully resolved and no longer an issue.

    It can indeed be resolved and needs to be done sooner rather than later.
    For too long peoples lives are being stuck on the "Pause" Button!

    Once again I am honoured to have been able to highlight this campaign.


    Giuseppe Spadone - Plinther

  4. It is about time the British government come to the fact and trying to score political points.
    Its more reasonable to treat fellow human beings with dinity regardless of the politcal immigrational status.
    Bering people with families whose children has intergrated in british schools and have been here for up to 6 years and stop saying this gesture will send a wrong message to prospective illegal immigrants.
    JUST POLICE YOUR BORDER MORE EFFECTIVELY and regularise those inside just as other countries of the 21th century

  5. Thank you so much Giuseppe and everyone else involved.Blessings.

  6. thanks Giuseppe, it's people like you make me beleive that there will always be a better tomorrow with sun and trees, deep in my heart i know that from this great distitution there will be a great salvation, they can inslave my body but they can never inslave my soul.
    Omar (undocumented migrant)

  7. Thank you very much Giuseppe Spadone for your brave support
    I hope one day I would be able to repay to all people who support us. What goes around comes around. I was very surprised with support generated by Strangers into Citizens. Thank you very much.
    Moral values are EXISTS in Britain

  8. I totally admire what the organisation is promoting. if politican can only envisage the beneficial factors that regalisation could make apparent to the economy and society, they would of stop living in refute and get there acts together.

    the campaign is great keep up the good work..

    west midlands

  9. what happened to Obama's reform?? its been a year since he's come. His time will be over before we know and still no change for the poor immigrant. If they do it in US then there might be a good chance that UK will follow.