Friday, 18 September 2009

Belgian regularisation begins - and Ireland introduces "bridging visas"

Belgium's regularization programme began on Tuesday and will continue until the middle of December, during which time thousands of undocumented migrants will be brought back within the scope of the law. Like the Strangers into Citizens proposal, eligibility rests on length of stay in the country, ability to speak the language, and integration into the community.

Ireland has also recognised the need to bring undocumented migrants out of the shadows, by confirming earlier this week that they will be introducing "bridging visas". Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern announced that these visas, which give temporary legal residence, will be available for people who have become undocumented "through no fault of their own". Read more about it here - another country recognising the need for routes out of irregularity.


  1. I wonder when will that happen in the uk ?

  2. regularization began in belgium ; it has more than one month passed to began ; but i do not know still how we can apply ; most people says that your lowyer will apply for you ; my question is this that can i apply without any lowyer ? and how ? and where i can apply; i mean in wich office i can apply? me