Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Tower Hamlets support Strangers into Citizens

Good news from East London - Tower Hamlets Council have passed a motion officially endorsing the Strangers into Citizens campaign. They are the fifth local authority to give their support to the campaign, following the example set by Lambeth, Lewisham, the GLA and Oxford. Read more about it here - and encourage your local council to do the same!


  1. Made up to see another update frim SiC. Been checking it regularly and it was three long months before this update came. In the darks of my days this website with its news is the only thing which gives me a slight ray of hope and happiness when I'm most dissappointed with life and down.Thanks

  2. Although is a step forward for SIC campaign, but the main decision lies with the Central Government in Westminster; at the moment they are getting more and more tougher with the isuue of immigration.
    So the fight has to be focus in whitehall rather than at local councils levels or rather involve powerful diplomats figures such as the Chinese or Brazil Ambassadors to lobby the British government as the Mexican President is lobbying the US Government to grant amnesty or regularise irregular migrants.

  3. Dear SiC
    Thank you very much for all hard work you do
    What goes around comes around. Its very important for people to have a hope.