Thursday, 25 June 2009

Lewisham Council backs SiC

Bernadette Farrell, lead organiser of South London Citizens, reports:

Unanimous vote from Lewisham Council last night in support of Strangers into Citizens. The motion was put forward by Steve Bullock (Elected Mayor/Council leader) with a splendid speech.
Does anyone have quotes from the speech -- or the speech itself? It would be nice to see it.

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  1. hi there, i think giving amnesty to all those people is the best thing they could ever think of,god said if u cant forgive someone how can i forgive u,this gov,must remember all these people is simply looking for a better life,because most of them from the third world country is scarred from slavery days,and still living with it now,please in the name of jesus christ,our lord and saviour please help them, the lord is coming for his world one day all will left behind they need help may god bless them all.