Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Zakir- criketeer and dear friend

Zakir Ali Rostami is an example of the many individuals that come to the UK from war-torn countries and overcome difficult circumstances to make a contribution to their community here. In spite of this he has been detained and is scheduled to be deported to Afghanistan.

Zakir escaped the violence in Afghanistan and arrived in the UK speaking no English. Since then, he has become a popular figure in the community, excelling at Canterbury College where he has almost completed a national diploma in IT, and winning a scholarship for a local Cricket Club. He has also been offered an unconditional place at University to study Computing.The Home Office allowed Zakir to stay until he was 18, but have since rejected his asylum claim, arguing that he could feasibly return to Afghanistan and not be in danger.
Despite that English is now his first language and he has no family living in Afghanistan, the Home Office have detained Zakir and is threatening to interrupt his studies and deport him.The "Keep Zakir in Canterbury" campaign is seeking support from the local community and is calling on the Home Office to release Zakir from detention, suspend his deportation, and allow him to continue his studies in the UK.

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