Thursday, 5 March 2009

Panorama producer makes amnesty comment

Panorama will be airing a programme on irregular migration and Mayor Boris Johnson's enquiry on Monday evening.

The team at BBC's Panorama are preparing the ground for the big show. One of the reporters has commented on the show's blog his views on what it has been like to film irregular migrants. You can find the link to the blog from the title.

The reporter, Raphael Rowe, hints at the main issues that the show will cover and offers his insight. His arguments in favour of regularisation focus on National Audit Office's figures for cost and timeline
of removal of irregular migrants.

Perhaps an acknowledgement to the hardships that irregulars face would have balanced the argument more. Our website offers plenty of examples of individual stories that highlight the hidden tragedy behing irregular migration statistics.

At Strangers into Citizens we are looking forward to the show on Monday night and to your comments on the next day.


  1. i watched the panorama programme and i hope this Amnesty becomes a reality although it all seems like one of those things with a hype that suddenly cools down.
    on your strangers into citizens website you mentioned approximately 90 MP's in support of an amnesty. i am not aware of MP's pushing this agenda in the house and the MP's in support should try to make an impact. Gordon brown has choosen to remain tight lipped over this issue, it will be nice to hear his views directly not just what thick head Woolas has to say, so that people can come to true conclusions of what Gordon brown is all about. in my opinion he is not fit and not worthy at all, its a shame he keeps talking about his father being a baptist minister. Any right thinking person will drop their prejudices and know that an amnesty is the right and moral thing to do.

  2. I have to say I agree with Cee Won. I reckon this move will be soon off the pace(unfortunately) as there are too many influential oppositions to it like Andrew Green and shadow home secretary Damien Green. what they don't realise is that most of these irregulars have got plenty to offer to the society and the fact that they've been here for so long will give them an edge as they're already become familiar with the cultural life of the UK as well as the ability to speak english(some do very fluently). If not given an amnesty, most of them will probably never leave the UK and in a couple of years time they have to be considered for citizenship through 14 years residency. By then for sure its either past their age to work or they're not mentally fit for it. In my opinion a one-off amnesty combined with an improved and revised border control(which is already underway)is the best solution.